Protect Your Cloud. Protect Your Clients. Protect Your Company.

Alemtech is a cybersecurity consulting firm focused on providing data protection and network security solutions for fintech and e-commerce companies. At Alemtech, our mission is to lower the risk of cyberattack against our client's applications and data stores by providing the guidance required to build the most secure system possible.

Alemtech is reimagining and redefining what it means to protect your information, working with some of the most prominent companies and agencies in Europe, Asia, and Africa to not only keep their data secure but also to help them understand their system, identifying where their complex data is stored, how it's being utilized, and who can access the information.

Through an extensive network of partners, a specialized team, and a focused commitment to its clients, Alemtech provides long-term solutions that empower businesses to understand their data and the solutions that will keep it safe.