Founded in 2005, Alemtech is a European-based cybersecurity consulting company headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. Alemtech offers multiple services to help maintain data security and protection in the fintech, e-commerce and blockchain sectors, shielding companies with sensitive data from hackers and cyberattacks.

Through partnerships with a vast network of global cybertech and cybersecurity firms, Alemtech offers the highest standard of data protection and network monitoring to companies in Europe, Asia and Africa, primarily in three key areas: Application Security; Cloud Security; and, Automated Threat Intelligence.

Alemtech was established by veteran innovative technology experts who utilized their real-world experience in the sphere of complex data analysis to create an exceptional methodology for monitoring and securing an organization's data. Together, Alemtech's team shares over 50 years of collective experience in guaranteeing information security, and has expanded this network further to include cybersecurity experts in its primary areas of operations.

Alemtech's team is further strengthened by the great skill of its specialized team of hackers, who keenly understand the intricacies of cyberattacks and can provide counter-solutions of the same caliber. Collectively, the Alemtech team is able to provide not only technical expertise and know-how, but a deep well of solutions for cybersecurity concerns, as well as swift and efficient execution of required services.

Alemtech recognizes the essential cybersecurity approaches to make your applications the safest in the market, and maintains a continuous learning curve to stay at the forefront of understanding new risks and solutions for the protection of your data.

Through it all, Alemtech maintains the mission and vision of delivering high caliber cybersecurity consulting services to companies across Europe, Africa, and Asia that may be susceptible to cyberattacks, and to provide solutions that can combat those

attacks for long-term security.