Alemtech has implemented many projects on behalf of its clients, applying data protection and cybersecurity processes that guard against harmful attacks, phishing, and information theft.

Some of these projects include:

Sample Smart Agreement Code Review Report

This report helps you more deeply understand overall code excellence, security, and accuracy, providing the know-how to ensure that your code is working as defined.

Sample Penetration Testing Report

Alemtech will examine your token sale website or platform for security susceptibilities.

ICO Case Study

Alemtech has recognized and secured over a dozen security ambiguities, helping companies establish their primary sites more safely.

FinTech Security Funds

Alemtech helps customers obtain ISO certification, and reinforces their security procedures and framework.

Actionable Cyber Security Advice for Fintech Startups

Reports of wide- scale cyber hacks and personal information theft are all too frequent. Alemtech provides general advice for best practices to prevent such catastrophic data breaches.